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Background to the LSPs

The Local Sports Partnership is an Sport Ireland (SI) initiative that was developed to “create a national structure to co-ordinate and promote the development of sports at local level”. 

The key aims of Local Sports Partnerships are to increase participation in sport and physical activity especially amongst specific target groups and to ensure that local resources are used to best effect.

From 2001, an initial 8 partnerships were piloted around the country with Kilkenny among 4 new areas coming on board in 2004. At this stage, the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism commissioned a review of the programme that was undertaken by Fitzpatrick Associates in 2005. The report endorsed the Partnership initiative and the proposal for a national roll out of the programme on a phased basis with an undertaking of 12 specific recommendations. We are now part of a network of 29 LSPs in Ireland.

Background to KRSP

In autumn 2001, a ‘Working Group’ was established to begin addressing a more strategic approach to sport, recreation and leisure development for Kilkenny. This included research into sports and recreation and current demographics within Kilkenny and extensive consultations with community, voluntary and sports groups. The working group emphasised inclusive recreational and healthy activities as well as conventional sports. It also recognised that achieving equality of outcome is more difficult for some groups than others. In October 2003, a submission was made to the Irish Sports Council.  

Kilkenny was informed that it had been successful in its bid for a LSP in Dec 2003 and  a Local Sports Coordinator was appointed in and an office was set up in Kilkenny in July 2004.  A Board of Directors was then established, and the first official board meeting was held in September 2004.  

There has been a lot of development work since then, focused on building and implementing the structures and programmes that will underpin much of the work set out in the KRSP strategic plan. 

The Role of the KRSP

Functions / Objectives

Kilkenny Recreation & Sports Partnership’s mission:

Kilkenny Recreation & Sports Partnership is committed to promoting healthy living and personal development through recreational and sporting activity within all age groups, and throughout the whole community of Kilkenny City and County.

The first strategic plan was built around five key strategic areas:

  1. To increase participation in sport, recreation and healthy activity across the population of Kilkenny.
  2. To increase participation amongst specific groups that would benefit from additional support and access to sport, recreation and healthy activity.
  3. To maximise the availability of facilities and resources for sport and recreation within Kilkenny.
  4. To develop appropriate communication channels between KRSP and the wider community.
  5. To promote partnership and effective management in sport and recreation.

The vision behind this strategic plan is for “more people to be more active more often”.   KRSP will make every effort to ensure that sports or recreation become part of people’s lifestyles in Kilkenny as an outcome of this plan, with each person participating in an activity they enjoy to a level that suits their needs and improves their general health.

Our Role…

Information – A source of information ranging from contacts for Kilkenny clubs/sports, facilities in the county, programmes/events and funding opportunities.

Education – To provide quality opportunities for education and training at local level targeting volunteers, leaders, coaches, teachers, parents and participants.

Programmes – To increase participation in sport and physical activity in Kilkenny with specific programmes for target groups including young people, disadvantaged areas, minority groups, people with a disability, women & teenage girls and older adults.


KRSP Strategic Plan 06-09 PDF

Structure of Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership (KRSP)

Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership is a company limited by guarantee. It employs a full-time Sports Co-ordinator, an Administrator and a Recreation and Sports Development Officer / Sports Inclusion Disability Officer.  

KRSP has a Board of Directors with representation from key agencies, sports groups and communities throughout the county. The board meets on a bi-monthly basis to work on operational and strategic issues.

Board Members of KRSP

The following partner organisations are committed to leading the way for the Partnership process through their membership of KRSP’s Board of Directors:

Vocational Education Committee Saoirse Prendergast
Kilkenny Local Authorities Ronan Ryan
Health Service Executive Teresa Hennessey
Kilkenny Sports Forum Theresa Walsh 
Kilkenny Leader Partnership Angela Campion
KKCoCo Elected Representative Cllr Eamonn Aylward
Kilkenny County Childcare Committee Cllr Pat ONeill
Kilkenny Community and Voluntary Forum Cllr Pat O’Neill
Kilkenny Principals and Deputy Principals Assoc. Cathnia Ó Muircheartaigh
Kilkenny Art & Cultural SPC Cllr John Brennan
Kilkenny Mary O’ Hanlon
  Kevin Murphy

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