Safeguarding I, 2 and 3

The Children First Act, commenced in full on the 11th of  December 2017, imposes certain requirements on clubs and all those involved in coaching and volunteering in sports.

  • All coaches must be Garda vetted.  If a person continues to act in a coaching role without Garda vetting, both the individual and the club are breaking the law.
  • Child Safeguarding Training is now mandatory for most coaches
  • All clubs must ensure that they have a Children’s Officer  and a Designated Liaison Person in place
  • All National Governing Bodies will have an appointed mandated person.
  • Providers of relevant services to children (i.e. sports clubs) must carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of services and develop a Safeguarding Statement (Required since March 2018)

Safe Guarding 1 is a course for any person working or volunteering with children in sport in any capacity.  The 3 hour course is a mix of theory and group work and is a basic awareness course, looking at how we can keep adults and young people safe and happy within the club environment.  This module will help to create and maintain a safe and fun environment for young people within the sports club or organisation. This course is mandatory for most NGBs. Cost €15 per person

Safeguarding 2 – Club Children’s Officer (C.C.O)  A person appointed to the Club Children’s Officer position in a club must have completed safeguarding 1 (Child Welfare & Protection Basic Awareness workshop) and should complete the NEW Club Children’s Officer 3 hour workshop. This course will help the Club Children’s Officer to carry out the function of their role in the club and support the implementation of best practice in the club. Participants will also receive a Club Children’s Officer Action Planning document as part of the training.

Safeguarding 3 – Designated Liaison Person(DLP)  A person appointed to the Designated Liaison Person position in a club must have completed the Child Welfare & Protection Basic Awareness Course and should complete the NEW Designated Liaison Person 3 hour workshop. A club may appoint the same person to both the CCO and DLP positions however best practice advises that they are kept as separate roles.

Sports Specific Coaching Courses

If you would like to progress your coaching skills or gain further technical knowledge in a chosen sport you can undertake sports specific coaching courses arranged by your National Governing Body (NGB) of Sport. Each NGB governs a coach education pathway and organises a number of courses specific to their sport throughout the year which will be detailed on the KRSP website. If your sport would like assistance in arranging a coaching course in Kilkenny, please contact the KRSP offices.

Disability Awareness Coaching

This course is aimed at coaches, clubs, sports development officers, volunteers, sports leaders, youth club leaders, those involved in or with an interest in the inclusion of people with a disability in sports and physical activity. The 2 ½ hour course aims to enable coaches to apply their knowledge and skills when coaching participants with disabilities.


Inclusive Games Workshop

This workshop may be of help for your organisation, club, school etc. This workshop will provide those attending with an opportunity to participate in a variety of games that are suitable for children and adults with disabilities. The tutor will demonstrate a number of games that can be used as warm-ups, cool downs or as part of the main session. Participants will also be shown how to adapt the games to meet the specific needs of those they are working with.

Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders Award is a starting point for those who wish to develop leadership skills that can be applied to a variety of sporting situations and is aimed at those aged 14 years and over.   The aim of this programme is to help youth leaders gain sufficient confidence and competence to enable them to plan, lead and evaluate safe, effective and enjoyable sessions.

Participants don’t need to be sports stars instead an interest in their chosen activity; a positive attitude and a willingness to volunteer are all that is required.  

  • Participants receive knowledge in     
  • Planning a session
  • Adapting a session to suit age and abilities
  • Organisation and management  
  • Leading a session
  • Evaluating a Session
  • Teaching of skills

Disability Inclusion Training

It is a theory and practical course that covers terminology, barriers to participation, legislation and guidance and an introduction to disability sports and ways of adapting activities to make them inclusive.

This course has been designed for a range of audiences including National Governing Bodies, Coaches, Volunteers, Teachers/SNA, Administrative staff, Leisure Personal and Sports Development Officers.

Facilitated By:  KRSP with the CARA National APA Centre and Coaching Ireland.

Who should attend?:  Sports Coaches, Sport leaders, Parents, Teachers, SNA’s, Volunteers and anyone interested or involved in the provision of Sport and Physical Activity for people with disabilities.

Certification:  On completion of the course all participants will receive a Coaching Ireland/CARA APA Centre award and a course resource pack.

The course can also have a ‘sport Specific’ focus based on demand.

Participants  will:

  • Learn the theory behind Adapted Physical Activity/ Disability sports
  • Experience an Opportunity to participate in new activities
  • Develop their ability to adapt games and activities to include all ability groups

Theory Module includes:

  • Perceptions and experience
  • Disability awareness
  • Barriers and potential solutions to participation
  • An introduction to the inclusion spectrum
  • Where to go for further support and opportunities

Practical Module covers:

  • The principles adapting (Tree Concept)
  • How to adapt activities to include all
  • How to create a strategy for the inclusion of all sports whatever their ability level
  • How to develop fun warm up activities, games and specific sports ideas to ensure coaching methods and delivery style to provide maximum participation from all ability levels.

To get more details on this course contact Caitriona at 087 9750501.



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