Community Cycling Programme

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Everybody deserves the opportunity to choose cycling regardless of age, gender, income, education, or background – We believe this programme will create opportunities for local people to become more physically active by cycling.

This course is for people who can ride a bike but might not have done so for a few years. This course will help them to master certain skills such as bike checks, starts and stops, observation, signalling, use of gears and bike control in a traffic free environment before they go out onto the roads. If you want to take part but do not have a bike, we have a limited supply of bikes for you to learn on.

This is for those who want to take their pedal strokes on the road, or for those already riding on the road who want to make sure that they are doing the basics correctly. It covers riding position, observation, communicating with other road users and negotiating junctions. It is conducted on quiet residential roads.

Studies have found that poor confidence about cycling ability is the major concern for inexperienced riders. Lack of cycle paths is often cited as a barrier to regular cycling, as is fear of cars and negative attitudes from motorists. However, Kilkenny has over 60km of cycle paths, many of which are segregated. Kilkenny also has a Share the Space policy in operation in the city center.


Stage 1

Participants will be supported to complete their 2 hours per week of cycling by providing cycling skills training, mentors, and loan of a bike where necessary. The program will begin with a cycling skills course to develop participants’ cycling ability, safety knowledge, and confidence, as poor skills and confidence are known barriers to taking up cycling across all ages. The course will be delivered by an accredited trainer provided by Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership. The course will last for 6 hours and will cover basic bicycle control skills (starting, braking, and turning), route planning, and on-road riding skills.

Stage 2

Participants will get to cycle in their local area for transport and leisure and for trips that they might make on a regular basis. Follow up brief informal phone calls will be made to participants (with individual participant’s permission) at six weeks to maintain participant engagement and identify any additional support required. Strong social support and encouragement have been shown to enable and motivate people to take up and sustain physical activity.


Participants received a resource pack to include, helmet, lock, local cycling routes, and information about local cycling groups. This programme intends to target the potential barriers of participants not knowing where to ride and will al so encourage social connectedness.


Proposed dates TBC

Session 1 – Collect bikes and bike set up, bike check, helmet fit, mounting / dismounting, setting off, braking

Session 2 – Cycle tuition off road – signalling, emergency braking, communication, balance / coordination

Session 3 – Cycle tuition on road – T-junctions, left hand turn, signalling, roundabouts, planning a cycle.

Two escorted cycle trips, one per week. Total bike loan time – one month.

TOTAL – 10 HOURS TUITION (6 hours’ tuition and 4 hours escorted trips)





For further information, please contact: Seamus at / 087 3567884




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