Bike Week 2019

A summer spin, which leaves Kilkenny Castle at 7pm on Wednesday, June 26th for Paulstown (Shankill Castle). Fabulous food stop in Paulstown GAA club which will more than fuel you for the return journey to Kilkenny. Get your friends, family and work colleagues together for this gentle spin. Entry only €12 and this includes a top quality, specially designed t-shirt for the first 150 registered. Limited registrations on the night from 6.00pm until 6.30pm only. No guarantee of souvenir shirt for late entrants.




Borrowing an idea from Westport Smarter Travel, we are once again hosting Bike Buffet. This event will be limited to 30 participatns who must be registered for the event. Two cycle tutors will accompany the group to a destination for some delicious food. You will be hosted by one of Kilkenny’s premier creators of fantastic food, an author and broadcaster on all things food.

This is a social cycle at a leisurely pace, however, distance to the venue is 10k (and 10k back!), so participants must be capable of covering this distance. NO LYCRA but helmet wearing is madatory.



The summer evenings are almost here. More people than ever are out cycling. They realise the fun and good feeling that cycling brings whether alone or as part of a group. Kilkenny is a great place to live and also a great place to cycle.

This year, Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership (KRSP) are working with the Kilkenny Pedallers, and we invite people of all ages to sign up for the Couch to 40k programme. This programme is aimed primarily at adults who are able to cycle but would like to build up to being able to do a little bit more distance. For example, you may currently be cycling to work or to leisure activities but you may want to do a bit more. You might also like to find new places to cycle to? You might eventually like to join a leisure cycling club and there are many in Kilkenny.

Last year a large group signed up for this tutor lead programme which was organised by Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership as part of Bike Week 2016 events. After successfully completing the 40k cycling challenge in the Castle to Castle Cycle 40k Spin, many continue to meet and cycle together.

All you need is a properly working bike (get the brakes and gears checked and pump those tires!!). Helmet wearing is mandatory each night. No helmet – no spin.

The aim is to start off with a very gentle spin and over the following weeks gently build up to being able to cycle the Castle to Castle 40k spin which will take place on Wednesday June 26.



Get Back on Your Bike – Open to all. These workshops will be delivered over 3 sessions and will take place on Wednesdays beginning May 29th. Aim for participants to gain some practical experience of cycling in Kilkenny City.

 Wednesdays, 29.05.19 – CYCLING – The Watershed Car Park, 07.30pm – 08.30pm – €10

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An easy summer cycle for all the family. Out and back route, which will be marshalled. The route uses mainly cycle tracks and families can take a shorter route to suit smaller children. Goodies and medals for all children at the finish. Registration is only €10 per family. Pre-registration essential.  Limited registrations on the night from 6pm to 6.30pm only.


For all Bike Week events in Kilkenny see and nationwide

Bike Week 2019 will be organised locally by KRSP – Call 056-7794957 or 087-3567884 for more information.

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