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Time to take the training wheels off!

Learning to ride a bike is a milestone in every child’s life. Learning to ride a bike however is sometimes a frightening experience for some children. Somehow, they are able to overcome it and soon enough and before long are showing off their biking skills. Smarter Travel Kilkenny recognizes the need to familiarize children with bikes and cycling at an early stage. This pilot programme is based on Buntús Start. The aim is to deliver training to pre-school teachers and then loan the balance bikes to each school for a period of 4-5 weeks. Each school may use the bikes for this period and then return the bikes (in good condition) to KRSP. Balance bikes are suitable for children aged between 3 and 6 years and prepare children for their first ‘big bike’.


Picture credit: Michelle Mc Williams/ KRSP


Why use a Balance Bike?

Balance bikes do not have unstable training wheels; training on balance bikes removes the safety hazards of crank sets and chains that can initially confuse a small child; more importantly, they can help the toddler understand and get to grips with balance and coordination skills. The young child will be unfamiliar with pedals and so will not use them. Trouble is, when not in use, pedals still rotate within the vicinity of the child’s legs. Often the unused pedals end up scratching the child’s legs or slamming against the child’s shins. Enter the balance bike!

Active Schools Challenge

KRSP have offered the Active Travel Challenge to all Primary Schools in Kilkenny in 2015. A total of 35 schools that took part. Each class received a chart for students’ names. The teacher and students placed stickers alongside their name corresponding with their mode of transport for each day. Students were awarded points as outlined below. Weekly winners have received small incentives from Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership KRSP as a prize. The teacher had the option to reward the whole class for their effort with a walking trip as part of history / geography class or Green Schools Flag?


Navy Blue Sticker for walking to school – 3 points

Light Blue Sticker for cycling to school – 3 points

Purple Sticker for those who have car shared to school – 2 points

Red Sticker for those who come to school by bus – 1 point



This is an exciting opportunity for all the family to incorporate active travel into their everyday lives. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact: Seamus Nugent (Active Travel Officer) at 056 7794957 086-1057428 or E-mail :

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