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“The ‘Women in Sport Initiative’ was developed to raise overall physical activity levels among women and to support women’s roles within sports organisations. Less than one in five Irish women came close to accumulating 30 minutes of physical activity per day, for at least five days per week, as recommended by the World Health Organisation for good health.  More than three quarters of Irish women do some recreational physical activity such as walking, swimming or aerobics, but that the majority do so with insufficient regularity or intensity of effort to meet the minimum standard.  Over 20 per cent do so little that from a health point of view they can be considered sedentary.


Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership is ready to support all eligible local clubs, groups and community organisations that promote increased participation in recreational sport or physical activity for women. Applications are encouraged from clubs/organisations that have the potential to increase levels and frequency of participation in recreational sport and physical activity among women in the local area, can act as showcases or successful demonstration projects that can be replicated by other clubs/organisations in the future, have the potential to develop into a sustainable, longer-term programme. KRSP are particularly interested in developing initiatives in designated disadvantaged areas and for minority populations or groups with additional needs.

Keep an eye on the KRSP website and Facebook page for news.


For an application form for your local club or community, please email info@krsp.ie or call 056 7794991.


For further information, contact Seamus Nugent, Recreational Sports Development Officer, on 087 3567884


***Note: Application forms are only available between October and November ***

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