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Aqua Aerobics and Swimming Lessons for Older Adults (50+)

Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership run a number of aqua aerobics and swimming lessons for older adults.  Aqua aerobics or water aerobics is a great combination of fun and exercise. The exercise involves various body movements in a rhythmic style. This kind of exercise is appropriate for all age groups.

Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

  • Less strain on joints
  • Increased flexibility of the body while exercising
  • Improved cardiovascular conditioning
  • People engaging in this form of aerobic exercise have been found to have high level HDL (good) cholesterol and healthy  blood circulation
  • Weight Loss (in conjunction with healthy eating)
  • Aqua aerobic exercises are also beneficial in treating medical disorders such as arthritis and osteoporosis

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Pilates is a form of exercise, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement.  One of the best things about the Pilates method is that it works so well for a wide range of people. Athletes and dancers love it, as do seniors, women after pregnancy, and people who at various stages of physical rehabilitation.   All exercises are developed with modifications that can make a workout safe and challenging for a person at any level.

Core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercise. The core muscles are the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back. When the core muscles are strong and doing their job, as they are trained to do in Pilates, they work in tandem with the more superficial muscles of the trunk to support the spine and movement. As you develop your core strength you develop stability throughout your entire torso.  This is one of the ways Pilates helps people overcome back pain. As the trunk is properly stabilized, pressure on the back is relieved and the body is able to move freely and efficiently.


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Jumpstart! Every Monday night

On the night people are invited to participate in any of the three sports based on our traditional games; Lobbers, an adaption of Boules, Flisk, similar to Horseshoe Pitching and Skittles. The three sports that can be played in Singles, Pairs and Teams with plenty of opportunities to get to know your team mate and the opposition! The emphasis of the games is on participation and fun but the fun really starts when the competitiveness creeps in!

Over the last two years, the choice of activities has built up, with the group now regularly taking part in Short Mat Bowling, Chair Based Exercise and even Walking Football!!

If you would like to take part, you can turn up on the night and look for Seamus.

Older Adults Fests

As always, Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership would like to encourage people to try new activities and increase their daily physical activity levels. KRSP regularly host Older Adults Festival which gives people the opportunities to try out various activities.  KRSP try to provide as many free activities as we can on the day.  If you find something you like, we can help you arrange some for your group!

To date some of the activities sampled include Fit Walk,  Aqua Aerobics, Dance and Bowling. 

 Over 50's Festival

Boccia and Go For Life Leagues

Both these leagues will cater for Older Adult Groups and Disability Organisations.  The Go For Life Games have been developed to encourage social competition and will work towards a national final in June.  The Boccia League will take place between September and December with competition days in the Watershed. There will also be an opportunity to host games and travel to other local communities. 

Go For Life 2013 Winners

Go for Life Games Days

The Go for Life Games involve three sports that can be played in Singles, Pairs and Teams.  The emphasis of the games is on participation and fun with the games played in a non-competitive way and participants umpiring their own games. The 3 games are Lobbers (adaption of Boules), Flisk (adaption of Frisbee and Horseshoe Pitching) and Scidil (adaption of Ten-Pin Bowling and Skittles). All Over 50’s are welcome to come along on the participation day and join in the games.

PALs Workshops

PALs Workshops are very useful to anyone involved in or interested in organising and leading physical activity for older adults.  They are designed to be a fun, practical experience. There is 8 workshops spread out over 8 weeks.  Each workshop lasts for 5 hours and a small lunch is provided. Each workshop is a mix of theory and practical physical activity. Participants must attend all of the Workshops offered and be prepared to lead members of their own groups or communities.  At the end of the series of PALs Workshops, Go for Life provides a printed certificate of attendance to each participant.  €20 for 8 week programme, this includes a small lunch.

PAL's Kilkenny

PAL’s Kilkenny





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