The Local Sports Partnership is a Sport Ireland initiative that was developed to “create a national structure to co-ordinate and promote the development of sports at local level”.

The key aims of Local Sports Partnerships are to increase participation in sport and physical activity especially amongst specific target groups and to ensure that local resources are used to best effect.

From 2001, an initial 8 partnerships were piloted around the country with Kilkenny among 4 new areas coming on board in 2004. At this stage, the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism commissioned a review of the programme that was undertaken by Fitzpatrick Associates in 2005. The report endorsed the Partnership initiative and the proposal for a national roll out of the programme on a phased basis with an undertaking of 12 specific recommendations. We are now part of a network of 29 LSPs in Ireland.

Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership


An active vibrant community, vitalised by sports and recreation opportunities that are accessible to all.

Our Mission

KRSP will work collaboratively with others to empower people and communities across Kilkenny to create an environment that supports lifelong participation in sports and active recreation for all.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Collaborating and working in partnership with others
  2. Promoting inclusion, diversity and equality
  3. Basing our work on evidence and best practice
  4. Empowering people and communities to become more active and involved in sports and active recreation
  5. Prioritising fun and enjoyment in sport and active recreation.
  6. Espousing the highest standards of governance and accountability.
The following presents four strategic priorities
  1. Active for Life
  2. Active Inclusions
  3. Active partners
  4. Active governance and management
Our Approach
Based on experience, role and learning to date, KRSP will:
  1. Inform and influence policy and decision making at local, regional and national levels to highlight the role that sports and active recreation plays in increasing life expectancy, enhancing quality of life, healthy lifestyles, developing communities and creating lifelong networks
  2. Consolidate our knowledge, connections and relationships with stakeholder agencies, groups, clubs and individuals to provide a strong base from which to delivery further strategic priorities.
  3. Secure resources to implement our strategy
  4. Monitor, review and evaluate our work to capture learning and respond to new demands
  5. Communicate and promote the work of KRSP and the value of participation in sports and active recreation
  1. Empower local communication groups and organisations to increase participation in sports and active recreation through the provision of quality education and training opportunities.
  2. Support and lead initiatives that encourage lifelong participation in sport and active recreation
  3. Play a lead partner role in social inclusion initiatives by engaging with the most vulnerable groups through sport and active recreation
  4. Support champions to forge participation pathways in sport and active recreation.
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