Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership (KRSP) was established as a Local Sports Partnership in 2004, to plan, lead, and co-ordinate the development of sport and physical activity in County Kilkenny. KRSP strives to achieve this through close working with sporting bodies, community and voluntary groups, and statutory agencies. KRSP provides a leadership role in the coordination, development, and delivery of sports and physical activity opportunities in Kilkenny. Our work as a Local Sports Partnership is categorised by Sport Ireland into three main functions – the provision of information, the facilitation of education and training opportunities, and the development and implementation of programmes and events that encourage increased levels of participation.

Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership

Our Vision

Getting Kilkenny Active

Our Mission

Kilkenny Recreation & Sports Partnership (KRSP) will work collaboratively to empower people and communities to participate in lifelong active recreation, sport, and physical activity.

Our Values

We will work to unlock potential by motivating, inspiring and building skills and confidence in communities, clubs, organisations and volunteers

Integrity and Accountability
We will be professional, open, honest, and transparent in how we operate. We will do the right things in the right ways to Get Kilkenny Active

Sport and physical activity should be fun. Enjoyment, enthusiasm, optimism and positivity will be at the heart of our approach

Evidence Informed
We will use evidence-informed programmes to improve the lives of those we work with in order to achieve most impact in the community

Diversity and Inclusion
We will embed a culture of diversity and inclusion across the organisation by proactively targeting those most excluded and those who face the most barriers to participation.

We will collaborate internally and externally to optimise the quality of our work and help people in Kilkenny become active and stay active

Our KRSP Pillars

Our work over the period 2022-2025 is structured under six pillars. Each pillar is supported by an overall Strategic Goal and a series of objectives, action areas, and key performance indicators.


Active Empowerment

Active Promotion

Active People

Active Partnerships

Active Places

Active Governance

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