Multi Sport Club

Multi Sport Club - Children

(programme for children with a physical disability)

KRSP organises a multi-sport club for children with physical disabilities aged 5-15 years & their siblings. The club is run by parents and volunteers and supported by IWA-Sport, Kilkenny Recreation & Sports Partnership and key partners. Takes place at the Watershed (restart following Covid-19 in September 2021).

For further information, call Seamus on 087 3567884 or email

Multi Sport Club - Adults

(programme for adults with intellectual disability)

The Multisport programme was developed to cater for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities attending Day Services.  The main aim of the programme is enhancing the service provision for Adults with Disabilities, providing opportunities for physical activity and sport at an appropriate level and creating a culture of physical activity in disability organisations.

Through staff attending the programme, it aims to educate and enable staff to increase the physical activity opportunities and therefore activity levels of their clients. By encouraging many organisations to come together, adults with disabilities develop social contacts and connections and peer support is provided to carers.

For further information, call Seamus on 087 3567884 or email

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