Bainisteoir Beag

Sport Ireland Innovation Fund

The Bainisteoir Beag playground leader’s programme was designed by Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership to encourage pupil led activities during break times in school.

The aim of the programme is to train pupils in fifth and sixth class as playground leaders and increase the level of inclusive physical activity in schools. At break times the leaders organise lots of fun activities for the younger classes in the school. A range of activity cards has been developed that can be used by the children to plan, organise and implement their mini-sessions. Each activity card contains one game. There is an illustration of how the game might look, the equipment needed, key points, safety points and also tips on how to make each activity easier and harder.  There are a number of exercise cards that can be used for the ‘Orienteering’ card, but also for the’ Rainy Day’ card – they are exercises that can be done indoors if the weather is bad.

For further information, call Seamus on 087 3567884 or email

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